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  • Retirement Planning To Overcome The Threats Facing The Us Economy

    On this episode of The Free Retiree, Larry describes how to plan for your retirement to overcome the threats facing the US economy, the current threats in the US economy, and tax reform plans that can make a difference in the country.

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  • “Ask Larry” Kotlikoff How to Get What’s Yours

    Larry discusses the approach consumption spending and how to get what is yours from social security with Mark & Holly of Not Your Average Financial Podcast.

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  • Challenging Your Confirmation Bias, with Economist Larry Kotlikoff

    Have you ever thought about how an economist views financial planning? Would you guess that it's vastly different from how some financial planners approach this work?

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  • Economist Kotlikoff says to dump long-term bonds ahead of high inflation | Money Life

    Lawrence Kotlikoff, an economist and the founder of, says that the current increase in inflation is nothing compared to what he fears is coming, which he said could be several years of the high single digits all the way up to hyperinflation levels. Kotlikoff says that investors need to factor what inflation will do to the ability of their financial nest egg to maintain purchasing power and fund a lengthy retirement.

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  • Making Carbon Taxation a Generational Win-Win, Presentational to the IMF

    Larry talks about carbon taxation, in a dynamic general equilibrium framework. He argues that one has to desegregate across generations to make sense of policy problems.

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  • Financial Sense Newshour Laurence Kotlikoff on US Debt, Inflation, and MMT

    Laurence Kotlikoff says America's unfunded debt burden is in the hundreds of trillions of dollars and explains how policymakers are now at the...

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  • Josh Jalinski Talks to Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University

    Larry and Josh discuss inflation vs. deflation. Larry touches on government spending, social security going broke, medicare funding running out, and an aging society.

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  • The Financial Quarterback interview with Laurence Kotlikoff

    Josh Jalinski and Laurence Kotlikoff give the rundown on taxes heading into the new year. Kotlikoff is an American academic and politician, who is a William Warren Fairfield Professor at Boston University.

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  • Macro Matters: Laurence Kotlikoff - America is Broke | The Delphi Podcast

    Discussion on the US's fiscal state, $200T in off balance sheet liabilities, MMT as well as Laurence's solutions to the problems facing the US. Also a brief discussion on digital assets and the role they may play in this.

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  • The Biggest Retirement Mistake Most People Make is Claiming their Social Security Benefits too Early

    The biggest mistake most people make is claiming their Social Security Benefits to early. By waiting until you’re age 70 to claim benefits, you increase your benefit by 75%, and given that people are living much longer…it’s like insurance for a long life.

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  • The Failure of Conventional Financial Planning

    Interview with Robert Huebscher, Editor in Chief of Advisor Perspectives, about the major and alarming differences between conventional and economics-based financial planning.

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    Interview on Trump tax plan with Jason Hartman.

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  • Podcast on Social Security with Jason Hartman

    Interview with Jason Hartman about Social Security's Deep Financial Problem

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