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Economics-based personal financial planning is powerful. It can find safe ways to dramatically raise our living standards, improve our lifestyles, and lower our economic risks.

I founded my company, Economic Security Planning, Inc., in 1993 to provide economics-based life-cycle personal financial planning.

I’ve spent decades with colleagues in my company creating our truly revolutionary and life-altering software tools. Tens of thousands of individuals and financial planners with no economics background have found these tools easy to use and understand.

It’s the only personal financial and retirement software powerful and accurate enough to calculate your highest sustainable living standard — starting today — with a plan to maintain and raise that amount — for life.

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Every decision in personal finance affects our living standards. MaxiFi can help you raise and sustain your living standard whether you are starting your career or planning your retirement. It also helps you to choose your optimal investment strategy. It’s routinely lauded in the New York Times, CNBC, and other top media. MaxiFi is, without a doubt, the most powerful personal financial planning tool around. To see how Maxifi can help you, please view these webinars.

Safely Raise Your Living Standard and Improve Your Lifestyle

Maximize my Social Security

Making the right decisions can increase your Social Security benefits by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Social Security has hundreds of thousands of rules, which are incredibly complex. Making the right decisions on our own about which of its twelve benefits to collect and when is virtually impossible. Our Social Security software finds your highest lifetime Social Security benefits.

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