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I've spent a good part of my academic career studying personal financial behavior. In the course of these studies, I realized two things. First, economics' approach to financial planning is very different from the conventional approach: it generates quite different and much more sensible advice. Second, economists have an obligation to use their tools and science to help people make proper life-cycle financial decisions.

Please check out my company's (Economic Security Planning, Inc.) three websites:

This $40 ($200 for financial planners) web-based program called Maximize My Social Security, featured by PBS and other top media, calculates the Social Security benefit collection strategy that offers the highest lifetime benefits.

This site has our highly detailed and acclaimed lifetime financial planning download programs -- ESPlanner ($149) and ESPlannerPLUS (with Monte Carlo and Upside Investing, $199) for households and ESPlannerPRO ($950) for financial planners.


This site, ranked #1 by Money Magazine, lets you run, on line, a simplified version of our download programs by just clicking Begin Planning at the bottom. For additional fees, you can save your data and run the program in Monte Carlo or Upside Investing mode for yourself or, if you're a financial planner, for your clients.


Our free on-line program, was ranked #1 by Money Magazine for a reason. It solicits a simple set of inputs, but takes you to a level of planning far beyond anything else in the marketplace--even beyond some very expensive programs. It does not require full earnings history and thus only estimates your Social Security benefit. It does not allow the full range of features found in our download versions of the program. Nevertheless, it's a great way to learn about "consumption smoothing" and see how various "what if" scenarios impact your living standard.


Conventional planning focuses on retirement. But those below retirement age need a financial plan that works before as well as after retirement. Our software produces comprehensive lifetime financial plans from your current age through your maximum age of death. ESPlanner has a full range of detailed inputs, including earnings history to show you your highest and smoothest available lifetime discretionary spending.


Includes all of the detailed inputs and consumption smoothing power of ESPLanner but also includes Upside Investing and Monte Carlo analysis.


Built with all the features of ESPlannerPLUS but designed especially for the financial planning professional. A growing group of professionals all over the country are using ESPlannerPRO for their clients.

With PRO, you can

  • create reports with your company logo
  • handle multiple databases easily
  • get one-on-one startup support
  • join our online list of financial professionals

Maximize My Social Security

Our online tool, Maximize My Social Security, helps you decide when to collect the retiree, spousal, survivor, divorcee, parent, and child benefits to which you are entitled. Specifically, it finds the benefit collection dates that maximize the present value of your lifetime benefits and compares these benefits with those based on your intended collection dates.

Our Social Security calculations are very precise. They take into account Social Security's earnings test, reductions for early retirement, re-computation of benefits, delayed retirement credit, family benefit maximum, windfall elimination provision, government offset provision, and the option to file and suspend.

Fair Divorce Decisions

Divorce is hard enough without arguing over money. We use ESPlanner--America's most powerful financial planning tool--to help you reach a fair settlement. We'll work with you alone or, if you'd like, with your spouse, mediator, attorney, accountant, or financial planner. We calculate the bottom lines--what you'd each get to spend now and through time under specific divorce agreements. We find win-win agreements that minimize taxes and maximize Social Security benefits. And we help you budget to live within your new financial parameters. We do all this at remarkably low price, saving you and professionals working for you tons of time.

Direct Calculation Service

Would you​ like us to run ESPlanner for you? If so, please purchase this $500 service. We'll email or call you, collect your demographic, financial, housing, retirement-account, and other data and create a custom report. Then we'll spend one hour showing you the results and revising your plan. Finally, if you purchase ESPlannerPLUS, we'll send you your data base so that you won't have to enter your data from scratch. You will have the option of purchasing additional consultation at the rate of $50 per hour.